Credence Corporation

Project Management & Project Delivery Professionals

Credence Consulting Corporation

Credence Consulting Corporation (Credence Consulting) is a professional consulting organization that provides program management, project development, project management, project delivery, safety and environmental management services to diverse clients.

Program Management

Depending on the program, we help our clients select managing partners or consultants and subcontractors, administer contracts, manage risks and quality, tracks schedule and budget, implement safety and environmental programs, and manage stakeholder engagement.

Project Development

We help our clients develop their ideas into viable projects. We engage in research, design the project, manage feasibility studies, and develop project requirements, permits and approvals.

Project Management

Our project management experience spans many sectors including construction, oil and gas, utility, IT, construction, infrastructure and environmental. We help our clients manage projects from concept to close out with responsibility to manage scope, cost, schedule, quality and risk. In addition, we review projects and develop project management tools and strategies.

Project Delivery

In conjunction with our program and project management services, we provide project delivery service to clients in construction sector including construction planning, coordination and execution.

Safety and Environmental Management

We have expertise in safety and environmental management and have worked on projects across many sectors. Our safety and environmental services are offered as autonomous services or as part of project management/project delivery services.